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John Baur

John Baur has been earning his living as a writer and editor all his adult life, but a chance comment on a racquetball court transported him from the staid, button-down world of daily journalism to a career of adventure as an author and pirate.

On that fateful day at the YMCA John and his friend Mark Summers invented International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What started as a personal joke took on a life of its own, going ’round the world and even hundreds of miles above it as millions of people on all seven continents and the International Space Station celebrate every September 19 by letting their inner buccaneer out.

From such unlikely seeds was born an international sensation. The two friends – who now go by the pirate personas of Ol’ Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy – have swashed their buckles from the Gulf of Mexico to the Puget Sound, from Los Angeles to Chicago to Philadelphia. Together they wrote two books of pirate humorous advice, “Pirattitude! So You Wanna Be a Pirate? Here’s How!” and “The Pirates Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer.”

John went further, and with the help and encouragement of his wife Tori – who goes by the pirate monicker “Mad Sally” – wrote the young adult adventure, “Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter,” which was released to the public in September 2015. It is available in trade paperback and e-book at Amazon,com.

His novella, “The Island of Bones,” will be released this fall. He is currently working on a new YA novel, “In Blackbeard’s Hand,” and is planning a “Chrissie Warren” sequel.

John and Tori met, married and raised a family in Oregon, then moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands where they lived four years in Caribbean splendor before moving to New Orleans.

N.M. Beguesse

N.M. Beguesse “Hi, I’m N. M.! I’m just a normal girl who dreams. I live in Savannah, GA and work in Bluffton, SC. I’m a web developer and software engineer. I also make mobile apps! I write and draw Angelboy on the weekends and nights after work. It’s all drawn by hand!”


Davey B
Davey Beauchamp

Davey Beauchamp  is the creator of the Writers for Relief anthology series, the Agency 32 series, the award nominated Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show; podcast ( along with Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit, and Gallifrey Pirate Radio, a podcast dedicated to Doctor Who (

Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG presented by Scaldcrow Games ( was just released and has been an overwhelming success. He licensed the world of Amazing Pulp Adventures to Foxhammer Press for theParadigm: Sapphire City, a fusion of card and board game. Currently he is working on the next book in the Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG, the Space Adventures of John Hawk. www.

Randyl Bishop

Comics producer Randyl Bishop creates, edits and produces comic books, music CDs and music videos. His new comic The Hawk of New York has been well received by critics and is the first in the industry to simultaneously release its own musical soundtrack featuring 15 different recording artists and has been gathering support from sites like Ain’t It Cool News, who called it “unique, well-paced, and just flat-out fun to read.” Additionally, the Hawk of New York is now appearing monthly in Grease, Inc Magazine. An Arkansas native, Randyl currently resides near Augusta, Georgia, where he is launching his studio imprint Timebound Entertainment. Randyl has also completed three animated music videos for the Genterine Records label. Check out his work at 

Amber C. Carlyle
Amber C. Carlyle

Amber C. Carlyle is a writer from Charleston, SC. She is currently working on The Between the Veil series, which blends urban fantasy and horror. Some of her favorite things include Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with writers like George R.R. Martin and  H.P. Lovecraft serving as an influence to her. When she is not writing, she can be found gaming with her friends or hanging out with one of her three animal companions.


Ashley Causey

Ashley Causey is a fantasy fiction writer from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  She is the author of Flight of the Broken, the first book in the Immortal Flight trilogy.  She is currently working on Flight of the Lost, the second book of the trilogy.  Her writing journey started from a desire to add her own work to an ever expanding home library.
She is passionate about books and reading with her favorite genres being fantasy fiction and historical fiction.  When not writing, she enjoys researching 16th century European history, browsing book store shelves, and traveling.  She is a reader that loves to write and a writer that loves to read!


IMG_0241.JPGBruce Gehweilere got his start by winning the 1992 Dragon Con Amateur Writing Contest and receiving an Honorable Mention in The Writers of the Future Contest. He has written or been published in seventeen books and dozens of magazines, including Profitable Publishing, Breaking into Fiction Writing, Cowboys in Space, Where Angels Fear, Crypto-Critters I & II, New Mythos Legends, Lai Wan, Barbarians at the Jumpgate, Warfear, Frontiers of Terror, Hear Them Roar, The Dead Walk Again and many more. As the former publisher at Marietta Publishing, Bruce published 76 books and won a 2007 Eppie Award and a 2009 Dream Realm Award. Today he continues to write fiction and non-fiction books and is a writing and publishing coach at his company Bruce Coaching Services. He was the publishing coach for the bestselling children’s book, The Elf on the Shelf, the space opera novel The Cathedral by T.J. Morris and many more.

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Seth Greenwood

Seth Greenwood is a soldier by day, scriptwriter by night, residing in South-eastern Georgia where he is moonlighting his latest project with Canadian artist Angela Zhang; a neo-noir comic book mystery called “Gale”. Seth’s creative journey began in elementary school where he and his friend Joey Jones would make extensive plans to parody existing cartoon comedies. They had no idea what copyright infringement was and as with most kids with short attention spans and fickle imaginations, none of these ideas actually stuck. What did stick, was a burning desire to escape the reality of a small-town life. If he wasn’t writing poetry or short story dramas in Geometry class he would be trying his hand at acting in theater arts, But it was not until 2013, while stationed in South Korea when a 27 year old Seth Greenwood finally found his true love for writing comic book scripts. It may seem strange that a writer without any  working knowledge of comics at all would choose this method of storytelling. Yet when a fellow soldier asked him to help in the development of a comic book, he agreed and absolutely fell in love with the medium shortly after. Unfortunately that first project fizzled out and the artist could not commit as much time  to the project as needed. This left Seth exploring other options like screen-writing. One night he posted an example of a screenplay he had began writing when he got a message from Angela Zhang complimenting his work. From there she offered to collaborate with him if he ever wanted to do a noir style comic. His last reply to her? I think i know just the one. They have been committed to making “Gale” a success ever since.

Stuart Jaffe 2
Stuart Jaffe

Stuart Jaffe is the madman behind The Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries, the Nathan K thrillers, The Malja Chronicles, The Bluesman, Founders, Real Magic, and so much more. He trained in martial arts for over a decade until a knee injury ended that practice. Now, he plays lead guitar in a blues band, The Bootleggers, and enjoys life on a small farm in rural North Carolina. For those who continue to keep count, the animal list is as follows: one dog, two cats, three aquatic turtles, one albino corn snake, seven chickens, and a horse. As best as he’s been able to manage, Stuart has made sure that the chickens and the horse do not live in the house.

april profile new
April S. Lee

April S. Lee is a southern self-published author who believes that self-publishing should be a transparent and interactive process. April is a 2016 graduate of Southern New Hampshire University online with an M.A. in English with a concentration in Fiction (creative writing).   She loves to write about quirky characters setting them in places where she has lived or visited.  April does not write to a single genre, but likes to explore and combine genres in her stories. When not writing, April can be found in a classroom by day and an airship in her dreams by night. She lives with her husband in the backwoods of rural Georgia, in their storage shed-turned tiny home, with several eccentric cats and a whole host of cosplay costumes for conventions. 

MKMancos AP(1)
MK Mancos

MK Mancos is only one of four pen names for this author living near Jacksonville, Florida with her artist husband, Dave, and dog Lily. She’s written both for small presses and as an indy. The newest series under the MK pseudonym is Crown and Country – a steampunk mystery series with shifters, starting with the first book, Queen’s Menagerie. She also writes paranormal, and fantasy under the same moniker. She also writes sci-fi, space opera, and futuristic under Kathleen Scott. August saw the release of the first in her Time Captives series, Flicker. As Kate Davison she writes contemporary romances and was part of the Virtually Yours  anthology. As m/m author Cassie Sweet she writes across genres as the fancy strikes.You can find her on FB under MK Mancos or at her author page of MKMancosKScott Author Page. Twitter @MKMancosKScott or

Cathedral_poster1.jpgTJ Morris The Cathedral is an exciting new science fiction novel by TJ Morris. The Cathedral combines high-concept speculation with fast action and cliffhanger thrills. The Church becomes the predominant government body, and develops its own enforcement arm. Once their best “Cleanser” goes rogue, all Hell breaks loose. The Cathedral
TJ MORRIS is a veteran of the US Airforce. He spent many days in the New Mexico desert during his youth. He has been married over thirty one years and is a father of three: two boys, one girl. In his life he has been a janitor, a carpenter, a diesel mechanic, an aircraft technician, a student, a teacher, and now a writer. His love of comics and science fiction/fantasy literature began when he was in sixth grade. This book marks the beginning of what he hopes to be a career in writing. He currently labors as an Algebra II and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making teacher at Lithia Springs High School in Lithia Springs, GA. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Secondary Education), a Masters in Instructional Technology, and is all but Dissertation on an Educational Doctorate. He coached Varsity Men’s’ Soccer team and has coached wrestling. TJ is an avid runner, bicyclist, and swimmer. He holds a federal firearms license, has built multiple motorcycles from scratch, and he competes in triathlons, marathons, and Ironman races, not the mention the Odd Zombie Run or Savage Race.
“An amazing first book from a newly published author. This work is very approachable by even the most casual Sci-Fi fans. The author has put together a host of engaging characters – each with a complex amount of depth. Like a chess grandmaster, the author left characters in reserve only to introduce them in the end in a devastating and fascinating manner. Many writers are able to weave an amazing story only for it to all fall apart at the end. His story started off strong and built from there. This book might have one of the most satisfying, leave ’em wanting more endings I’ve ever read.” Gary McEntire Amazon review.

Angel Musk

Angel Musk graduated from Newport High School in Kentucky with an interest in early childhood education until switching paths pursuing her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Decided to attempt her dream of writing she began creating short stories that grew into lengthy projects. During her spare time, she dabbles in multiple genres such as: historical romance, mysteries, and paranormal fiction. Her hobbies including camping, collecting snow globes, enjoying her pets, watching comedy and action movies and listening to music. Currently she resides in Elsmere Kentucky with her husband and three sons.

Kevin Mooseles

Kevin Mooseles For the past year and a half, I have been staking a claim in the realm of off-beat, pop-culture journalism over at the Escapist.Apart from my creation of the brand new series, “The Resistance Is Dead”, my TNM street cred began roughly 16 years ago when I first met the fearless leader of this commune of imagination.




J'miah Nabawi
J’miah Nabawi

A native of Philadelphia, PA, J’miah Nabawi is an award-winning multi-faceted storyteller. His traditional arts programming reflects the story-dance-musical storytelling drama of Africa and its Diaspora. J’miah also tells and adapt stories from around the world. Through his presentations, he has often served as Cultural Ambassador, Program Host and Parent Engagement Facilitator at various venues presenting culturally entertaining, family-friendly, children’s programs and educational workshops. Bilingual in Spanish and a polyglot of sorts, J’miah has shared his brand of high-spirited storytelling across the U.S. and Mexico in schools, art museums; colleges and universities and other venues. J’miah’s professional work with children and youth in under-served rural, urban and immigrant communities has not gone unnoticed.  He has received citations, awards and proclamations from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA; Blue Mountain Schools District, Orwigsburg, PA; Miami Dade City Council, Miami, FL; Boston’s Mayor, the late Thomas Menino.

J’miah’s literary works have been published in anthologies and cultural arts publications produced by Simon and Schuster, Bantam Books and Parker publications and continues to self-publish as an independent publishers as well. J’miah is also an esteemed recipient of the “ORACLE Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership, Southeast Region” awarded by the National Storytelling Network (NSN) of Jonesboro, TN for the contributions he’s made to his community through storytelling.

Arylias Nova

Arylias Nova is a fiction writer from Charleston, SC. She is currently working on her third book for her Stories of Ghardar series, with her first book, Spark, and second book, Ignition, already out and about. She also has a Novella series out called Parenting During the Apocalypse. Arylias has been writing stories for years but over the past two years has been publishing them for reading fans. When not writing she enjoys gaming with friends and spending time with her family and raising her two children. One major quality that we love about Nova is that she takes a more relaxed approach with readers and fans believing that the relationship between the two needs to be a more personal one.

Nova works as an ambassador for the group known as Diversely Geek and is currently working with teens in the Colleton County area on a multi-platform positivity project with Omar Jeter of the YOUniverse foundation and Diversely Geek. Individuals have the chance to create cover artwork, cosplay, or write a review of Nova’s works and submit their pieces to be nominated for a spotlight opportunity to be seen not only on Nova’s Stories of Ghardar page but the Diversely Geek media page as well.

Kate Porter
Kate Porter

Kate Porter has always had one true passion: writing. She grew up on a farm outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, where poetry and short stories became her escape from everyday life. Little did she know back then that her wildest dreams would one day come true. Her debut novel, Secrets in Bethlehem, was published in 2012 and was featured in Woman’s Day magazine. In 2014, her book Black Harvest won the New Apple Book Award for Mystery. Since then Kate has attended multiple book signing events and launched the third installment of her highly popular Team Nightly series at SC Comicon in Greenville, South Carolina. Secrets in Bethlehem and Black Harvest have been adapted into screenplays and the 4th Team Nightly book is in the works. Kate now lives in Rincon, GA and finds inspiration every time she visits Savannah. Connect with Kate via Facebook, twitter @katep6031, and her website


Elizabeth Raven
Elizabeth Raven

Elizabeth Raven is a wife, mother, and Veterinary  Professional hiding in the shadows and moonlight of relentlessly sunny North East Florida. She has attended various colleges and Universities in Florida pursuing degrees in Animal Sciences, Veterinary Technology, and Business.  Compelled by her fascination with all things metaphysical and paranormal, she spends as much time in Historic St. Augustine as possible. She spends most days indoors working, writing, reading, cooking, or spending time with family, friends, and her four black cats. Otherwise, she can be found dancing, socializing or joining Ghost Tours whenever her imaginary friends let her out to play!  Website:


ellie-raineEllie Raine is a writer and oil/digital artist.  She loves dream-like, fantasy stories that take you to different worlds and offer new perspectives, and so that is what she creates in her books and paintings.
 She lives in Georgia with her loving husband and animals, and when she isn’t working on the next book in the NecroSeam Chronicles, she is painting fantastical scenery that drives her inspiration.
AD Roland.jpgA.D. Roland lives in rural central Florida. A nurse by day, she writes and designs book covers in her spare time. She is a photographer and a mother to two kids and a houseful of cats. She loves skulls, medical oddities, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Labyrinth. Her website is You can find her on Facebook at on Instagram at and on Twitter at

Author Photo
John Stamp

John Stamp was born and raised in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York. He is a graduate of Charleston Southern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and he holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Science from the University of Florida.
John began his law enforcement career as a Police Officer serving the City of Charleston Police Department, Charleston, South Carolina. While in Charleston he served as a Patrolman, Narcotics Investigator, a member of the Crisis Negotiation Team, and Civil Disturbance Unit.
Following Charleston John went on to serve as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he was a member of the Evidence Response Team. Following service with the FBI John was a Special Agent of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. There he served as a member of the Major Crimes Response Team and the Contingency Response Field Office where he completed multiple deployments to areas in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.
Currently John is a Senior Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Forensics and Special Investigative Skills Branch under the Investigative Operations Division where he primarily teaches basic and advanced level crime scene investigation techniques.
Additionally, John is the author of three crime fiction novels published by Solstice Publishing: Shattered Circle, Spoilers, and Brother’s Keeper. He is also a member of the International Thriller Writers Association.
He now lives in Georgia, he has a wife, one child and two dogs.
Social Media:

J.A. Sutherland

J.A. Sutherland spends his time sailing the Bahamas on a 43′ 1925 John G. Alden sailboat called Little Bit …Yeah … no. In his dreams.

Reality is a townhouse in Orlando with a 90 pound huskie-wolf mix who won’t let him take naps. When not reading or writing, he spends his time on roadtrips around the Southeast US searching for good barbeque.



Winfield Strock III
Winfield Strock III

Winfield Strock III “Writing is my passion. Reaching others and encouraging them to find theirs is my mission.”

Cold War submarine veteran, Winfield H. Strock III, has finally discovered his life’s passion in writing. And it only took a brush with death for him to take his calling seriously.  As a hotel night desk clerk Winfield struggled to begin his life anew in the civilian world. Bored by bad television and infomercials, he took to writing as a hobby suited to his solitary job and hyperactive imagination.

Surviving a brain tumor brought his priorities better into focus and his hobby became his obsession. He facilitates the Camden Writer’s Workshop.  A fan of thought provoking science fiction and history, Winfield’s works frame familiar and controversial issues within fantastic environments and from challenging perspectives. From vampires on a submarine to steampunk starships and beyond, Winfield hopes to move hearts to action and entertain minds open to a larger universe.

Stella Price
Stella Price

One half of the bestselling writing duo, Stella Price lives in SC with her husband, dogs, and a growing collection of toys that will never leave their boxes. With over 50 books to her credit, both writing with her sister and alone (under 2 different pen names) she creates worlds that are just off the cuff from what the norm is. She’s also the convention director for the past 8 years for several literary conventions, and an award winning cover artist with over 500 book covers under her belt in the last 8 years.
She is the first to create romance with Weresnakes and octopus shifters as a main focus. You can find her and her books at


Roxanne Witherell
Roxanne Witherell

Roxanne Witherell has enjoyed reading and writing stories her whole life. Living in South Carolina with her family of 6, imaginations run wild.

It wasn’t until 2015 when unexpected health issues came about that gave her the time to write full length books. Paranormal genre is what strikes her fancy. First series is wolf shifters but there’s more to come with rare shifters, ghosts, vampires and anything else that goes bump in the night.

Josh Vasquez.jpg
Josh Vasquez

Josh Vasquez has been writing as long as he can remember, from making books out of construction paper with his father, to crafting stories when not paying attention in high school, up to writing a zombie apocalypse series in his free time as an adult. A fan of all things nerdy and a self-proclaimed zombie expert, Vasquez puts what he loves into his fiction and writes to those of like mind. He lives in Savannah, Georgia with his wife and daughter. The city is currently zombie-free, but if that ever changes, know that he has a


Artists & Crafters

Adam Force

The Art of Adam Force Adam is a graphic designer and conventional artist who runs AF Design, an online store selling his designs on an array of merchandise. Website:




Guyton Paranormal
Guyton Paranormal Society

Paranormal investigators who never charge clients and do it because they love it.





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Brandie Menees Usborne Books & More are educational, high-quality, innovative, lavishly-illustrated children’s books, and they are the books kids LOVE to read! 

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BookBones hold books open so you can read while you do other things with your hands! They’re great for the home, office, shop or classroom; from cookbooks in the kitchen to reference books at the computer. They’re for students on the go who must study while they eat and for people who just like to lay back in an easy chair with a book in their lap. Readers all over the world are learning how much more relaxing reading can be when  you don’t constantly have to hold your books open with your hands. To use as a bookmark, just lay it top to bottom on the right hand page and close the book.
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