Vendor Registration

Please review the vendor guidelines and rules below prior to completing your registration. Your vendor registration payment is an implicit acceptance of the The Savannah Quill rules for Vendors. Online registration is found at the bottom of this page and will direct you to PayPal. Please keep a copy of this for your records.

The Savannah Quill Rules and Guidelines for Vendors, Exhibitors and Dealers.

Vendors, Exhibitors and Dealers will hereafter be referred to as Vendor. The Savannah Quill will be referred to as The Savannah Quill.

1- The Savannah Quill agrees to provide booth/table space, as specified above, to You the Vendor at The Savannah Quill at the venue, barring any unforeseen events which may occur prior to or during the convention that prevent space from being available.

2- You the Vendor agree that The Savannah Quill’s directors or volunteers shall not be responsible for items lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed during the convention.

3- Vendor space assignments are the sole responsibility of the The Savannah Quill board of directors. You the Vendor agree to keep your assigned space cleaned and be responsible for any damage caused by You the Vendor. Tables and booth space are to remain in their specified areas.

4- The rights granted to the Vendor may not be sold, sublet, given or transferred to any third party.

5- You the Vendor acknowledge that The Savannah Quill grants no term of exclusivity or other licensing agreement to you or any other vendor.

6- You the Vendor agree to do business only during posted hours and not to engage in any disruptive activities.

7- You the Vendor agree to display and/or sell merchandise, which is consistent with all international and US copyright and trademark agreements, as well as all laws of the City of Savannah and the State of Georgia.

8- You the Vendor agree that any violation or breach of this agreement may result in the cancellation of this agreement and forfeiture of the Vendor’s leased space without a refund.

9- Our refund policy is this: Vendor registration is non-refundable.

10- Vendors are required to collect and remit any sales and use taxes to the appropriate authorities. As per state law, we will be submitting your business information to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

11- The Savannah Quill has the right to refuse vendors who are deemed inappropriate or very adult themed.

12- Please be timely in your unloading and loading; do not park at the loading dock for an unreasonable amount of time. Venue security will be vigilante in this. Please allow yourself plenty of time to pack up, any vendor who is late may be charged by the venue for overtime. ALL vendors are to be responsible for removal of their trash, including boxes, plastic bags, etc. The Savannah Quill does not provide loading and unloading help.

13- The foregoing represents the full agreement between The Savannah Quill and the Vendor.


Vendor registration is currently closed until the venue has been updated.

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