Welcome Seth Greenwood!

seth-greenwoodWe would like to welcome Author Seth Greenwood to The Savannah Quill!

Seth Greenwood is a soldier by day, scriptwriter by night, residing in South-eastern Georgia where he is moonlighting his latest project with Canadian artist Angela Zhang; a neo-noir comic book mystery called “Gale”. Seth’s creative journey began in elementary school where he and his friend Joey Jones would make extensive plans to parody existing cartoon comedies. They had no idea what copyright infringement was and as with most kids with short attention spans and fickle imaginations, none of these ideas actually stuck.
What did stick, was a burning desire to escape the reality of a small-town life. If he wasn’t writing poetry or short story dramas in Geometry class he would be trying his hand at acting in theater arts, But it was not until 2013, while stationed in South Korea when a 27 year old Seth Greenwood finally found his true love for writing comic book scripts. It may seem strange that a writer without any  working knowledge of comics at all would choose this method of storytelling. Yet when a fellow soldier asked him to help in the development of a comic book, he agreed and absolutely fell in love with the medium shortly after. Unfortunately that first project fizzled out and the artist could not commit as much time  to the project as needed. This left Seth exploring other options like screen-writing.
One night he posted an example of a screenplay he had began writing when he got a message from Angela Zhang complimenting his work. From there she offered to collaborate with him if he ever wanted to do a noir style comic. His last reply to her? I think i know just the one. They have been committed to making “Gale” a success ever since.

TWITTER: @gale_comic
INSTAGRAM: @thegalecomic

Welcome Ellie Raine!


Author Ellie Raine

We would like to  welcome Ellie Raine to the Savannah Quill.

Ellie Raine is a writer and oil/digital artist.  She loves dream-like, fantasy stories that take you to different worlds and offer new perspectives, and so that is what she creates in her books and paintings.
She lives in Georgia with her loving husband and animals, and when she isn’t working on the next book in the NecroSeam Chronicles, she is painting fantastical scenery that drives her inspiration.
Her next installment comes out November 7, 2016.

The Savannah Quill welcomes Doce Blant Publishing!

Yarr! If ye be loving pirates, ye be loving this lot!

We are excited to announce Doce Blant Publishing will be joining us at the Savannah Quill book convention. (March 11, 2017) Author Marti Melville and Barnacle Bill Bedlam and others are coming to our book convention/ book festival in Savannah.


Doce Blant Publishing at B&N Burbank, CA during Author’s Con 2016

Doce Blant Publishing believes in creativity. Working together with our authors, we strive to support bright and imaginative minds through traditional publication. Doce Blant Publishing™ is a small house press created to support authors and readers. Member of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Independent Book Publishers of Association (IBPA).


Marti Melville

Marti Melville is an American novelist and screenwriter known for her debut novel series, The Deja vu Chronicles.  Marti has expanded her writing to include screenwriting with each of her books adapted for film.  She has also written a series of children’s chapter books designed to encourage young imaginations through creative play.

She has a background in dance, music and acting as well. She continues to write novels, introducing the idea of fictional probability linked to historical events.   Marti currently resides in Southern California.



Barnacle Bill Bedlam and Sam

Barnacle Bill Bedlam, a rowdy and contemptuous, two-bit rogue with a reckless thirst for adventure, began to chronicle his Tales years ago. His youth was spent as a traveling troubadour before he unearthed his true passion for sailing tall ships and battling with black powder weapons and cutlasses. 
Wanted for ‘Piracy of the High Seas’ with countless acts against the Crown and general lawlessness, the Barnacle remains in hiding.  It is only on occasion we receive a hint of his miscreant ways by receipt of another of his Tales. This book is the next testament that Barnacle Bill Bedlam still sails the Caribbean seas … whereabouts unknown.

Let’s Can Hunger Fall Festival

lets-can-hungerWhat: Let’s Can Hunger Fall Festival 
Where: Taylor Park (Bloomingdale Recreation Center) 1824 Pine Barren Rd, Bloomingdale, GA 31302
When: Saturday November 5, 2016 10 am until 3 pm
Cost: Free admission
More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/338380913175191/


Media Contact: Adam Messer, thesavannahquill@gmail.com 912-667-3696

Please join us for the first ever Let’s Can Hunger Fall Festival hosted by The City of Bloomingdale Recreation Center Saturday November 5, 2016. We are collecting non-perishable food, school clothing & supplies, and toys for the holidays. The donations collected will help local families.

Let’s Can Hunger started as a grass roots food drive in 2011, and every year partners with local businesses to help collect food, school clothes & supplies, as well as toys for the holidays. Past donations benefited local charitable organizations such as the West Broad Street YMCA, Loaves of Fishes, Toys for Tots, and local church food banks. 100% of donations are distributed back into the community.

This year’s fall festival features a vendor/community yard sale at Taylor Park combined with Bloomingdale Bear’s Homecoming parade! Family fun activities include DJ OB-1 Benobi playing music, Fabricated Fitness training a free fitness boot camp, and Sheena Allen giving a free Zumba party with HYPE Fit! With over 40 vendors already booked, there will be holiday gifts and shopping opportunities.

In addition to the entertainment, the concession stands will be open as well.

Everyone is encouraged to bring donations: non-perishable food, school clothing & supplies, and toys for the holidays. There is a 2 can suggested donation for ZUMBA.

We are seeking an in-kind donation for bouncy houses (or a monetary donation to rent them).

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/338380913175191/

We look forward to seeing you at Let’s Can Hunger Fall Festival on Nov. 5th!

Adam Messer


The Savannah Quill

“Connecting writers and readers to promote literacy.”


Please join us March 11, 2017 at Savannah Hilton Garden Inn


Stuart Jaffe’s thoughts on writing.

Hello everyone!

Our friend Stuart Jaffe wrote this for our newsletter. I wanted to share it because I think it is great advice for writing!



For The Savannah Quill newsletter

by Stuart Jaffe

Stuart Jaffe 2

Stuart Jaffe

Most advice on writing is worthless. This isn’t because it’s wrong but rather because writers are individuals following an artistic pursuit which, by its nature, cannot be governed with set rules.  However, I do have two thoughts to share with you all that may help as you discover your own writing path.

First, momentum. Whether you write every day or once-a-week, whether you set word count goals or go until you drop, whether you put words to page in a frantic outpouring or in methodical order, the fact is that we all need momentum.

I tend to write every day provided I’m actually working on something. At this moment, for example, I haven’t written fiction for about three weeks because I’ve been researching my next Max Porter novel. Since the Max Porter novels take real Southern history and mix it with the supernatural, I have to spend extra time researching historical events. Thus, my writing momentum is near dead at the moment.

Once I start the actual writing, the first few days, I’ll be lucky to push out 300 words. It’ll be arduous.  But if I stick to it (and I will), then each day gets better. The momentum builds. Soon I’ll be back to my regular daily 2,000+ words. I’ll finish writing for the day, and the rest of the hours by brain will keep writing, so that the next morning, I’m ready to go with new ideas and new words. The momentum keeps it rolling.

The second thing I want to share is what I call the One Rule. See, there are no rules in writing except this: If it works, it works.

That’s it. Simple.

It doesn’t matter what the “rules” say you should and shouldn’t do. If you can make it work, if you can get readers to understand and enjoy what you’ve written, then the “rules” are meaningless and wrong. Example: The “rules” would say never write a book that’s in 2nd person, present tense, and non-linear. The “rules” say it won’t work.

But in the 1970s, Edward Packard came along with what would eventually be called the Choose Your Own Adventure series. Those books are in 2nd person, present tense, and certainly non-linear. He made it work, so it doesn’t matter what the rules say.

If it works, it works.

Mark your calendars!

The Savannah Quill profile picHello everyone!

I hope this message finds you well!
In consideration of upcoming events, we rescheduled the book convention to Saturday March 11, 2017. We just received confirmation from the hotel for the date.
Thank you for patience and we will send out a new press release as soon as it is available.

Thank you!

Thank you!Thank you for understanding about rescheduling the convention. Hurricane Matthew caused a lot of devastation. We are working to get everything back in order here in Savannah. We are very grateful that a lot of people were safe and sound, and we are praying for those who experienced loss.

We will announce the new convention date as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience while we are waiting to find out as well.

Short story contest winner!

We would like to congratulate Kelly Loomis for her short story contest submission “Life is Butter Dream.” Thank you to everyone who participated!

Life Is Butter Dream

By Kelly Loomis

Rachel was adrift in a peaceful sea. Gentle waves rocked her little boat. She wasn’t sure where here was exactly, but she wasn’t afraid. She’d been here before. She could hear Mommy’s voice, though Mommy didn’t seem to be able to hear her.

“I couldn’t wake her up this morning. She was fine last night,” Mommy said.

“Tell me her history,” a male voice said.

A doctor Rachel guessed; she had lots of doctors.

“She has seizures, cerebral palsy; she’s 32 with the mind of a six-year-old,” Mommy

said. Rachel heard Mommy listing her meds, her surgeries, and on and on.

Rachel had heard all of this many times, so she amused herself by singing. Row, row,

row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; life is butter dream.

She giggled. Butter dream –I’m so silly.

“Yes, you are,” said a musical voice in her ear.

Rachel giggled again. “I wondered when you would get here,” she said.

“Little Lamb, you know I’m always here,” said the voice.

“Yup.” said Rachel. “That’s why people think I’m so brave.” The voice had always been

with her –especially when she found herself in this little boat. Mommy couldn’t come on the

boat, but she was never really alone.

Every so often, Rachel thought she could hear Mommy’s voice, but it sounded farther

and farther away. She thought she should be going back the other way by now.

“Where’s Mommy?” she asked.

“She’s still with you, holding your hand,” the voice assured her.

“Is she OK?” Rachel asked. “She sounds different.”

“She’s just worried about you.”

“Does she know I’m OK?” Rachel wondered.

“Little Lamb, I have a surprise for you,” the voice said. “All your life you’ve never been

able to do the things that other people do.”

“Like Jessie?” Jessie was her little sister, but she could do everything –even drive the


“Yes, like Jessie,” said the voice. “Would you like to see what it’s like to be able to walk

and talk and –”

“Dance!” Rachel said.


“Of course, you’ll dance!” said the voice, laughing.

“But we will come back to the boat,” Rachel said.

“Don’t worry, Little Lamb, this gift is very special. It will only last a moment, though it

will seem like a lifetime to you. You won’t really ever leave the boat.”

“You’ll be with me?” Rachel said.

“I’ll be right here, but you won’t hear my voice as often. You’ll be a grown-up girl like

Mommy and Jessie.”

“OK, I guess,” said Rachel.

“Off you go, Little Lamb.”

There was a blinding flash of light and six-year-old Rachel Lamb suddenly sat up in her

bed. The sun beamed through the window, directly into her face. Jessie was asleep in the next

bed. It was their same old room, but she was different.

“Girls, it’s time to get up for school!”

Mommy! Rachel ran downstairs. She ran. down. stairs! Mommy was making breakfast

and she was young again. Rachel loved school. She found she could read and even do addition!

Everything was so exciting –now that she could participate fully.

She learned to ride a bike, swim, and play the piano. Her grades were good. Well, not

really in Algebra. She and Jessie were best friends. They talked about everything. Sometimes

they even liked the same boy. Rachel could drive a car!

Not everything was rosy. Rachel’s heart was broken a few times; and one time she broke

her leg, skiing. She watched her sister unravel when her husband left her with two small

children. She discovered that life was not always easy –even when everything on your body

worked. Some pains went deep. Some wounds were slow to heal.

And then –it happened. Rachel fell in love. His name was Noah, and he was her true

soulmate. They danced under the stars, they walked on the beach, they talked late into the night,

until each knew they could never be completely whole without the other. The date was set and

soon Rachel and Noah found themselves sitting under the full moon on the beach. It was their

wedding night.

They held hands and kissed and talked and made plans for the rest of their lives.

“I think I am happier than I’ve ever been.” said Rachel.

“I’m so happy for you, Little Lamb,” said a musical voice in her ear.

She jumped. “What did you call me?” she said to Noah.


Noah didn’t answer, he seemed to be mesmerized by the moon. She looked up to see that

the moon was racing toward them and becoming blindingly bright. In the brightness, she could

see a familiar little boat on the waves, and in a flash, she was in the boat.


A man was shouting, but she couldn’t see him. Ouch! Was someone standing on her



Mommy was crying.

“Little Lamb.”

She sighed with relief. “Is Mommy OK?”

“She’s just sad. You’re leaving her.”

“No! Take me back!” Rachel cried.

“It’s your time to leave.”

“But, I don’t want Mommy to be sad.”

“Mommy will be OK, I promise. Did you enjoy your dream?”

“Yup,” she said. “But everything wasn’t as easy as I thought.”

“No,” the voice agreed.

Rachel realized she was no longer on a boat but was standing on a white, sandy shore.

Someone was walking toward her. Heart pounding, she ran to meet him.

“Noah!” They embraced and fell to the ground laughing. “But how are you here? I loved

you in a dream.”

“Noah was like you –trapped in a body that didn’t work right. He was dreaming, too

–when you found each other.”

“Are we dreaming now?” asked Rachel.

“No, Little Lamb. Now, I’m going to be with Mommy. She needs me. You and Noah

have each other.”

“For keeps?” asked Rachel.

“Forever, if you want.”

“That’s exactly what we want.”

“Yup,” said Noah, as he took Rachel’s hand and smiled. “Exactly.”

The Savannah Quill to be rescheduled due to safety concerns from Hurricane Matthew


For Immediate Release:

Re: The Savannah Quill to be rescheduled due to safety concerns from Hurricane Matthew.
Due to the unexpected weather conditions of Hurricane Matthew, (http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at4.shtml?5-daynl#contents), we feel it is necessary to reschedule the convention to ensure the safety of our guests.
We will let you know as soon as we have the new convention date scheduled.
Thank you for your continued support of The Savannah Quill!
Adam Messer

Adam Messer


The Savannah Quill

“Connecting writers and readers to promote literacy.”

National Hurricane Center Hurricane Matthew Retrieved 10/04/2016