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TNM Logo_V3_2015TNM Publishing is home of The New Magratheans and was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating writing worlds that were immersive, unique, and, most of all, fun to read. To date, TNM boasts five authors in its roster, each with a different writing world or specialty. With a company slogan of “Read Outside the Box” TNM prides itself on doing things just a little differently. The company publishes fiction in two formats; traditional, paperback novels and online serial novels that release up to two chapters a month. For a full product offering, visit for more information on serial novels and why they might just be the best way to enjoy fiction, head over to

TNM Publishing, the home of The New Magratheans, was founded by Timothy Morris in 2012 with the goal of creating writing worlds that were immersive, unique, and, most of all, fun to read. To date, TNM boasts five authors in its roster, each with a different writing world or specialty. The first world TNM released was from its founder, Timothy Morris, because if he was going to fail at being a publisher, it was going to be using his own work and not another author’s. That world was Vosteros and it has seen a substantial amount of success.

Vosteros Cover2The unique design of Vosteros allows readers to pick up any book within the writing world and read it at any time. None of the full length novels in Vosteros are sequential, meaning one has to be read before a different one can be read, but they are all intertwined. Each book contains bits of foreshadowing and cleverly hidden Easter eggs that a clever reader will remember when reading a different book where those easily overlooked bits become important. Currently, there are two full length novels in print for the world of Vosteros and the writing world also boasts TNM’s longest running serial novel, The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer

Once Morris had proven himself to himself, he signed on author David Lloyd to write what is becoming TNM’s science fiction world, Farfate. Lloyd’s goal with Farfate is a simple one: to have one expansive science fiction universe Othy_Farfate Logo_V3_CCZthat touches every sub-genre under the umbrella. It’s an audacious goal, but with Lloyd’s unique mindset it is working out well. Within Farfate readers can currently find typical space exploration plots via, “The Farfate Expedition,” and events within that serial novel lead to its spin-off which is a post-apocalypse story line titled, “Utopia Falling.” Lloyd is currently working on the first full-length novel for the Farfate universe which he is teasing as a space fantasy titled “Undetectable.”

Shortly after David Lloyd, TNM stumbled upon the always sardonic Huxley Adams. It was difficult getting Hux to sign on as he claims to hate attention, but eventually after pitching ideas back and forth “The Track Walker Chronicles” was born. TWC is a serial novel and is updated monthly.

The two most recent additions to TNM’s lineup both dabble in the horror genre; Kevin Mooseles (whom you may know from his work with The Escapist) and Daniel Pirlot. Kevin’s writing world, “The Resistance is Dead,” is a unique take on zombie lore and actually answers a lot of questions that are usually left unanswered in zombie related fiction. Since Kevin has the zombie thing locked down, TNM recruited Daniel Pirlot to handle a more supernatural side of horror that sometimes leans more toward suspense. With his first bit of professional writing, “Through Death’s Door” released in June of 2016, Daniel Pirlot has just started his journey as a writer but actually doubles as a professional makeup artist and prop maker. He is the owner of Unleashed Effects and made the big, fancy hammer, that TNM brings to all of its conventions (the hammer is Cassan’wra from The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer).

To its readers; TNM promises new writing worlds that all have a unique twist from what are commonly seen as the stereotypes of genre fiction. For its writers, TNM is a true cooperative where every writer helps all the other writers produce better worlds of fiction. So stop by to check out our full offering and always #ReadOutsideTheBox (all published works) (serial novel format)
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