The Writing Journal

The Writing Journal

Ashley Causey

unnamedWriting a novel is an adventure that is full of twists and turns. At times, it can be exciting and at other times, it can be daunting. This is especially true for me in my journey as a fantasy fiction author. Aside from the mighty pen and paper, my writing journal is an indispensable tool. I use it constantly to keep notes on ideas for new scenes, character biographies, and world building details. A journal is a great brainstorming tool when you do not have other people to discuss your ideas with. It is also fun to look back and revisit how a specific thought changed over time.

While writing my first novel, Flight of the Broken, I used three journals. I keep them both as a reference for my world building in future novels and as a memory book. I love rereading old entries to see how my ideas have changed and how I have changed as a writer. Within the pages, I am free to write as I please though I still try to be grammatically correct. I can also test out concepts for new stories without disrupting current projects. Such ideas are filed away for future creative exploration.

My tip to writers is to keep a writing journal. Never get stuck trying to remember that great idea from earlier. The next time inspiration strikes, you will be ready.

acphotoAshley Causey is a guest author columnist and will be at The Savannah Quill.

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