Families celebrate night promoting literacy.

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Passionate readers celebrated the first Family Fun Night for Literacy at Bloomingdale Recreation Center Taylor Park  on Sept. 9, 2016. Families showed support participating in an evening of fun and games at the event.

Attendees enjoyed shopping with variety of vendors, and family activities including a fitness boot camp from Fabricated Fitness, hanging out with the Princess Production‘s princess, and listening to cool music from DJ OB-1 Benobi Ben Umbreit.

Children and adults played rounds with Savannah Battle Bows, an outdoor archery team based action game. Teams competed against each other for domination. Nathan Knight owns the popular outdoor sport game company, and his manager Chris Waters and their team set up the large arena games.

The City of Bloomingdale’s Mayor Ben Rozier commenced the the event by addressing the crowd discussing an experience he had 18 years earlier while working in Montreal, Canada. Rozier said working as a truck driver he found what not being literate could mean since he could not speak or read French as he drove looking for his destination. He said the experience opened his eyes to literacy’s importance.

Bloomingdale Recreation Department Director George Foley welcomed the crowd and discussed the Taylor Park expansion progress. He stated the estimated costs were over two million dollars and they had raised nearly $200,000 toward the goal. Foley works diligently to create family friendly events that Bloomingdale and surrounding communities enjoy.

Adam Messer, Founder of The Savannah Quill, worked with Foley to create the first ever Family Fun Night for Literacy.  “The Savannah Quill connects writers and readers to promote literacy. Taylor Park is a great space to hold family friendly activities, and George supported our upcoming October 8th book convention from the beginning.”

Messer said they are hosting Let’s Can Hunger on November 5, 2016. “Let’s Can Hunger started as an idea I had in 2011 to support the West Broad Street YMCA. We raised over 2,500 canned goods, clothing, school supplies, winter coats and toys for the children. We also raised a $1,000 from a corporate donation in early 2012 to help them.”

“I have partnered with local businesses to continue the grass roots effort,” Messer said. “Partnering again with the City of Bloomingdale Recreation Department for The Savannah Quill’s Let’s Can Hunger creates a great opportunity to help children and families in need.”

“We plan to have over 100 vendors and we are taking donations for canned goods, school clothing, supplies, and toys for kids for the holidays.”



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