Live Oak Public Libraries partners with The Savannah Quill for book convention



September 30, 2016 Savannah, Georgia  

The Savannah Quill is proudly partnering with the Live Oak Public Library for the inaugural book convention on Saturday October 8, 2016. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated for literacy. The Friends of the Library are also having a book sale at the convention. Jason Broughton, who is the Interim Director for Live Oak Public Libraries,  shared insight about the importance of literacy and the role the library plays in the community. Below is our question and answer session we had with Broughton.


Jason Broughton

Why are libraries more important now than they have ever been?


Broughton: Libraries of all types are portals to all of the world’s knowledge. And as librarians we ensure that knowledge continues to be recorded and saved for the future, even as information-storage devices and formats change. Librarians are the original, and still the best, search engines. All across the world libraries serve a vital social service by helping bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots, especially when it comes to literacy, access to information, and intellectual freedom.

What does literacy mean in today’s modern world?

Broughton: Literacy is rooted across all the things that we do in our daily life. Living a 21st Century world requires new form of literacy, not only for work but for living a fulfilled life, coping with the new complexities of our societies, and engaging as a citizen. Literacy use to mean being able to read, write, and have a general basis for understanding. As societies change the need to have critical thinking, analyze, challenge and use multiple intelligences for everyday life.

Who is your favorite author and how did you become a librarian?

Broughton: Currently my favorite author is Mr. Tom Perrotta who wrote the book The Leftovers.

I started working at the South Carolina State Library as a project manager for a grant under the Institute of Museum and Library Services for Workforce Development services for public libraries across the state of South Carolina.  I then found that there were many things that from my work in the field of education that overlapped with librarianship.  After having a few conversations with librarians and other influential people in the library world, I decided to make the leap into librarianship  in 2013.

What do you say to encourage young readers?

Broughton: Reading brings so many benefits.  Reading will help build skills they need for success in life. It enriches your relationship and instills a love of learning. And books gives all of us a gateway to the world—people, places and ideas.

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