Welcome Seth Greenwood!

seth-greenwoodWe would like to welcome Author Seth Greenwood to The Savannah Quill!

Seth Greenwood is a soldier by day, scriptwriter by night, residing in South-eastern Georgia where he is moonlighting his latest project with Canadian artist Angela Zhang; a neo-noir comic book mystery called “Gale”. Seth’s creative journey began in elementary school where he and his friend Joey Jones would make extensive plans to parody existing cartoon comedies. They had no idea what copyright infringement was and as with most kids with short attention spans and fickle imaginations, none of these ideas actually stuck.
What did stick, was a burning desire to escape the reality of a small-town life. If he wasn’t writing poetry or short story dramas in Geometry class he would be trying his hand at acting in theater arts, But it was not until 2013, while stationed in South Korea when a 27 year old Seth Greenwood finally found his true love for writing comic book scripts. It may seem strange that a writer without any  working knowledge of comics at all would choose this method of storytelling. Yet when a fellow soldier asked him to help in the development of a comic book, he agreed and absolutely fell in love with the medium shortly after. Unfortunately that first project fizzled out and the artist could not commit as much time  to the project as needed. This left Seth exploring other options like screen-writing.
One night he posted an example of a screenplay he had began writing when he got a message from Angela Zhang complimenting his work. From there she offered to collaborate with him if he ever wanted to do a noir style comic. His last reply to her? I think i know just the one. They have been committed to making “Gale” a success ever since.

TWITTER: @gale_comic
INSTAGRAM: @thegalecomic
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